Hire movers to move a piano in Boca Raton

It is practically impossible to transport a piano on your own regardless of the transportation purposes. This dimensional object of uncomfortable shape has an impressive mass.

For this reason, the piano is usually transported by two professional movers or four if you need to carry the old German instruments.

Thus, if you have bought a musical instrument and need its home delivery or you relocate to a new place of residence, you need a piano and organ moving services. Also, it can be useful if you send your old damaged piano or organ for disposal.

How do we pack and transport pianos?

The transportation of large-sized musical instruments including the modern piano moving is carried out in several stages. Firstly, the instrument is partially disassembled. All elements that can be removed without harming the piano are transported separately, for example, pushbuttons are removed to facilitate the work.

In order not to damage the musical instrument during transportation, it is packed in special protective material and professional piano moving equipment is used. You as a customer need to take care of this in advance or get the detailed information in your moving manager.

  • You book our movers via contant form in the bottom of this page;
  • We call you and approve the order;
  • Our movers come to you and plan the priority of transported piano/organ considering dimensions, weight, and ease of moving around the apartment;
  • The most fragile pieces of piano are packed in the boxes or bubble sheet;
  • Piano is loaded in a track and transported to the final location;
  • Piano is unloaded in the final location, unpacked and installed in designated places.

Piano moving service is carried out using the special piano moving straps. The instrument is mounted on them, raised above the floor and is carefully transported from the room. The existence of a freight elevator is of great importance in high-rise buildings. Lowering the piano down using it is much faster, easier and cheaper than in the absence of the elevator. If there is still no freight elevator, moving a piano must be carried manually up the stairs.

Piano moving scheme

The transportation of piano is one of the most popular furniture moving services in Boca Raton, Florida. We carefully and accurately transport any pianos carrying even a baby grand piano moving. Successful experience in the field of moving services and responsible attitude to business is the best guarantee of the safety and integrity of your tool entrusted to our Red Box Moving Company.

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We arrive and plan the packaging

Piano packing and transportation

Piano is unpacked and installed

FAQs about piano moving

Skilled and experienced movers, who have successfully transported musical instruments, will prepare and transfer your piano or grand piano from and to any floor. The cost of piano moving services directly depends on the type of instrument.

What packaging material do you use?

Depends on the type of piano we move. We use boxed, cardboard cartoon, air bubble sheet, water proof sheets or corrugated cartoon to provide the best safety to the material from which they were made.

Will the piano fits in your truck?

It depends on the size and a type of piano we move. If it is larger than the standard sizes, 2 or more loads may be required.

How long will it take to transport 1 piano?

Our movers work without interruptions and their work is synchronized. If during the work there are no malfunctions and the plan is correct, then the work will take only a couple hours.

How much does it cost to move a piano?

Depends on the size, weight of the piano, as well as on the distance of local transportation. Also, it depends on the number of loaders working. To get an indicative estimate for moving, fill out an application and the operator will advise you on the cost.

How much does it cost to move the piano upstairs?

It depends on the size and weight of the piano/organ, as well as the number of floors on which we need to up it. To get an indicative estimate for moving, fill out the contant form and the operator will advise you on the cost.

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In addition to the difference in weight, different instruments can have different dimensions and design features, which can affect the preparation time, the complexity of transportation and the number of movers involved in transporting the piano in Boca Raton, Florida.