Packing tips & tricks before moving

Tips for relocation like a pro

Our packing tips for moving to a new house or office will help with an organized relocation. While it is exciting to move, it can be stressful, especially if things go wrong. Try these packing and moving tips that are tried-and-tested for a positive moving experience.

Office move

packing tricks before movingPacking tips and tricks for an office move include:

  1. Starting early. Once you know it’s coming, get planning as soon as possible. Never underestimate what it takes to relocate business premises and the earlier you prepare, the better your chances for a smooth move.
  2. Source quality packing materials. Commercial possessions are expensive so invest in the right packaging supplies and quality boxes to safely transport valuable equipment.
  3. Let go of what you don’t use. Moving offices is the ideal time to throw out broken equipment like faulty cables, old phones, and computers. Don’t waste money on transporting goods that you don’t need.
  4. Labels are your friends. To avoid chaos and confusion, label every box used in the movie. This helps expedite unpacking and finding essential items and minimizing disruption.
  5. Pack equipment correctly. When it comes to packing up computers and cables, take extra care to avoid any damage. Use proper materials to wrap and protect computers and monitors. Remove cables and place them in labeled, zip-locked bags. Safeguard company data by taking backups before moving.
  6. Prepare the furniture. If possible, disassemble chairs and furniture and keep all parts together. This makes moving large, bulky items a lot easier.

House move

mover packing furniture, FLThe following points are for moving house packing tips:

  1. Create a plan. Set up a moving checklist listing every possible detail of what you need to pack and move and set timelines for every task. Then make sure you stick to it.
  2. Get rid of things you have not used in years.
  3. Pack one room at a time. Go through each room and pack into boxes that are labeled by room, so you know exactly where each box goes for unpacking.
  4. Make an essentials box. Have a separate box with items that you will need on your first night. Include DIY tools, a first aid kit, and a basic kitchen and toiletry box.
  5. Pack the décor early. Start packing decorative items as early as you can, such as photo frames and ornaments.
  6. Small boxes for heavy items. Carrying a big box with big heavy items is impractical and increases the chance of the box breaking.
  7. Protect fragile belongings. Always use protective materials for breakables. Wrap glasses and crockery in bubble wrap, or use blankets and packing paper.

These best packing tips for moving will prevent damage and save you time in preparing for your move.

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