Office furniture moving

Being a family-owned business, Red Box Movers offer personal services that are reliable and flexible. Our pricing model is competitive as we consider and evaluate every office move individually. Our commitment is to provide the best service for businesses that need to get back to productivity and have minimal downtime.

Many businesses think it’s more cost-effective doing a self-move without considering the potential risks and injury that could occur when staff move large and heavy items. Choosing our team of professionals takes this liability out the picture so your business and people can concentrate on what they do best.


Where do we provide office moving services?

Relocating an entire office is no easy feat and that’s when you need an office moving company to manage an office move for you. Red Box provides a reliable and efficient office moving service in Boca Raton to safely move office equipment and workstations. Transferring computers is a delicate process that can get costly if not done properly. Having trained professionals who are practiced in this area gives your business peace of mind by ensuring sensitive data and expensive equipment is securely moved.

Contact Red Box Movers for any office relocation requirement in Boca Raton, Florida.

Packaging materials

Our team of movers use quality packaging materials to preserve your business assets while being conscientious in handling your office furniture and any apparatus, whether large or small. By using the Red Box office moving company, there’s less stress on the shoulders of your employees and managers who can concentrate on their own transition without added pressures.

Planning an office move

Planning an office move is key to a successful relocation. Once new premises are procured, the business needs to create a corporate office move checklist to make certain that no stone is left unturned. It’s a stressful time for everyone so good planning is essential to support business continuity. Part of the planning should include who is responsible for each task to minimize disruptions and get the office move completed in the required timeframe while sticking to the budget.

The Red Box Moving company offers advice and skilled services to help your business execute an office move. Our office moving services include the packing, transport, and unpacking of all office furniture. From worktables, chairs, screens, computers, boardroom furniture and more, we are focus on getting your business moved as quickly as possible with extreme care and attention.

Office furniture moving scheme

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