Hire movers to move a piano in Fort Lauderdale

Piano moving service

At the Red Box Moving company, we fully understand how fragile and complex piano moving is, so we ensure our professional team is well-equipped and well-informed for every piano move we undertake. If you need to move your piano in Fort Lauderdale using the right skills and tools, then get in touch with Red Box Movers. We’ve seen what happens when general movers or self-movers transport pianos and the results are never good. Broken piano legs, scratched flooring and walls, and wooden tears are all consequences of not having the job done by a professional piano moving company.

Red Box Movers offer an expert piano moving service for any types of pianos and organs, whether it’s an upright or grand piano.  We have invested in training our team and acquiring the right piano moving equipment that’s best suited for any challenge, obstacle, and terrain to guarantee the safe transport of valuable pianos and organs.

Work accuracy

Professionals know how to move a piano. It’s a task not just any moving company or person can do as it takes more than muscle to physically carry and transport a piano. Regardless of how many people are involved in moving the instrument, there are other important factors to consider with uneven weight and controlling any movement to avoid potential damage.

Red Box Movers use special equipment with a specially trained task team who can effectively and reliably manage your piano moving and storage requirements. We understand the real value and challenges in skilled piano moving that needs more than a cheap trolley and old blanket.

Our purpose-made equipment is specially designed to safely move antique or modern pianos and organs without incurring any scratches or irreparable damage. Grand pianos must be handled with special care and our experts are experienced in the entire process from knowing which parts to remove and how to reassemble to maintain the piano’s perfect working condition.

Job for the professionals

The Red Box team offers comprehensive moving services whether your piano weighs 400 or 1300 pounds with a value that could be up to half a million dollars. Moving such a delicate item downstairs, or in elevators, or through narrow passages is a job for the professionals. Being a family-run business, we offer flexibility, dependability, competitive pricing and the guarantee of safely transporting any piano and organ in Fort Lauderdale.

How do we pack and transport pianos?

  • You book our movers via the contact form in the bottom of this page;
  • We call you and approve the order;
  • Our movers come to you and plan the priority of transported piano considering dimensions, weight, and ease of moving around the apartment;
  • The most fragile pieces of the piano are packed in the boxes or bubble sheet;
  • A piano is loaded in a truck and transported to the final location;
  • A piano is unloaded in the final location, unpacked and installed in designated places.

Piano moving scheme

Make an order

We arrive and plan the packaging

Piano packing and transportation

Piano is unpacked and installed

FAQs about piano moving

What packaging material do you use?

It depends on the type of piano we move to. We use boxed, cardboard carton, air bubble sheet, waterproof sheets or corrugated cartoons to provide the best safety to the material from which they were made.

Will the piano fits in your truck?

It depends on the size and the type of piano we move to. If it is larger than the standard sizes, 2 or more loads may be required.

How long will it take to transport 1 piano?

Our movers work without interruptions and their work is synchronized. If during the work there are no malfunctions and the plan is correct, then the work will take only a couple hours.

How much does it cost to move a piano?

It depends on the size, weight of the piano, as well as on the distance of local transportation. Also, it depends on the number of loaders working. To get an indicative estimate for moving, fill out an application and the operator will advise you on the cost.

How much does it cost to move the piano upstairs?

It depends on the size and weight of the piano, as well as the number of floors on which we need to up it. To get an indicative estimate for moving, fill out the contact form and the operator will advise you on the cost.

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