Moving Truck Rental

Florida moversRed Box Movers are Boca Raton’s local moving truck rental service that offers full services to securely pack your household or office furniture and transport it for you. Our professional team is qualified and trained to handle comprehensive moving requirements. You don’t have to break your back or the bank to enlist the help of Red Box Movers. As a family-owned business, we are dependable and will get involved wherever you need us. If you just need to hire movers to load a truck or make use of our full services, our flexibility allows us to adjust to any requirement.

Where do we provide moving truck rental companies?

An Internet search for a moving truck rental near me is a good start if you’re preparing for a house or office move in Boca Raton. While it may be cheaper to use moving truck rental companies, self-moves come with a lot of other issues that could be costly in the long run.

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Movers and truck

Regardless of what you need to transport, you can hire movers and truck who will take care of every moving aspect. The Red Box team is skilled at moving any house or office furniture, pianos and organs, pool tables, or any item that’s too large, heavy or awkward to move yourself. We have all the necessary equipment and tools to safely transport your assets from A to B. This includes quality packing materials and supplies, crates, boxes, and trolleys. Red Box has everything you need for a successful move.

Help you step to step

Moving an office or home can be time-consuming and stressful so this is where the real benefit shows when hiring a moving company. Being experts in the field, we know how to pack professionally and expedite a move without causing damage or misplacing items. It’s also physically exerting having to pack, load, unload, and unpack so why put yourself through that when you can rely on exceptional service from Red Box Movers?

Our range of services are designed to help you every step of the way, from start to finish. With years of experience in the industry, we have refined the way we do things and can confidently help anyone move and transport their most valuable possessions. Whether you’re moving to an apartment, office block, or a family home, we are proficient in managing any commercial and household relocation.

Furniture moving scheme

Make an order

We arrive and plan the packaging

Furniture packing and transportation

Furniture is unpacked and installed

FAQs about furniture moving

What packaging material do you use?

Depends on the type of furniture we move, we use boxed, cardboard cartoon, air bubble sheet, water proof sheets or corrugated cartoon to provide the best safety of material from which they were made.

How much furniture fits in your truck?

It depends on the size, type and number of furniture we move. Usually, track accommodate from 1 to 4 beds, from 2 to 6 office tables or 3-4 cupboards.

How long will it take to transport 3 bedroom house?

Our movers work without interruptions and their work is synchronized. If during the work there are no malfunctions and the plan is correct, then the work will take only a few hours.

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