Junk Removal & Hauling Services

Junk removal services in FloridaWe provide a full cycle of rubbish removal services including packing, unpacking, and transportation on the truck. Highly qualified movers perform garbage removal in a matter of hours and soon you will be able to forget about the old trash that was gathering dust in your apartment or office.

Where do we provide junk removal services?

We provide our local junk removal services in Florida: Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, and Broward. All our movers are professionals and we are always ready to help you with the removal of old trash.

Types of crappy furniture and junk we remove in Florida

Sofas and beds

Office and kitchen tables

Cupboards and racks

Chairs and armchairs

Business Merchandise junk removal in Florida

Business merchandise removal

Construction debris removal in Florida

Construction debris


Old household things removal in Florida

Old household goods

How do we remove the trash?

All our movers have years of experience, have good physical fit and mood to provide you quality support. The basic scheme of moving corporate and commercial furniture in Florida and regions include such steps:

  • You book our movers via the contact form in the bottom of this page;
  • We call you back and approve the order;
  • Our movers come to you and plan the priority of transported junk and all of the other old furniture considering dimensions, weight, and ease of moving around the apartment;
  • The most fragile pieces of trash are packed in the boxes or plastic bags;
  • Furniture is loaded in a track and take away to the landfill;

Junk removal scheme in Florida

Make an order

rubbish removal in Florida

We arrive and pack the trash

Trash removal in Florida

We take away the trash

FAQs removal of remaining trash

How much trash fits in your truck?

It depends on the size, type, and the number of goods we move. Usually, track accommodate from 1 to 4 beds, from 2 to 6 office tables or 3-4 cupboards. Please calculate the approximate number of furniture and goods that you plan to transport and the operator will announce to you how many trips are needed and how long it will take.

Reliable movers in Florida

commercial goods moving in Florida

Residential and household moving services quote and booking

How much does hauling services cost?

It depends on the number of furniture or trash you plan for moving. We provide the best pricing policy to satisfy our clients and leave a smile on their face. Please fill the contact form placed below and we will provide you approximate price of moving.

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