Hire movers to move furniture in Boca Raton

Moving services in FloridaRelocations are quite common nowadays. You can easily find more spacious housing in another area or move from a rented apartment to your own house moving heavy furniture with you. In this case, you need to ensure the delivery of your belongings to a new place.

It is a rather troublesome task, for which you need to make a lot of effort. Moving an apartment or house in Boca Raton, Florida, will not succeed on its own.

Even when furniture is disassembled it cannot be placed in a car. Thus, it is not suitable for transportation.

Types of furniture we move

Cupboards and racks

Chairs and armchairs

How do we prepare and transport commercial furniture?

If you are going to accomplish moving without furniture moving companies, consider all pros and cons. The person who does not have experience in transporting furniture will spend much more time and money than professional movers. Your right choice is to hire movers to move furniture.

All our movers have a years of experience, have good physical fit and mood to provide you a quality support. The basic scheme of moving corporate and commercial furnitures:

  • You book our movers via contant form in the bottom of this page;
  • We call you and approve the order;
  • Our movers come to you and plan the priority of transported furniture and goods considering dimensions, weight, and ease of moving around the apartment;
  • The most fragile pieces of furniture are packed in the boxes or bubble sheet;
  • Furniture is loaded in a track and transported to the final location;
  • Commercial goods is unloaded in the final location, unpacked and installed in designated places.

Unprofessional movers can make mechanical damages or scratches on expensive belongings. They can’t transport things especially antique ones as neatly as furniture moving companies. Professional movers will perform their work efficiently and quickly as possible so that you will not spend extra money on your move.

Furniture moving scheme

Boca Raton movers are ready to help you with your relocation. Furniture moving is among the basic services provided by Red Box Moving Company. Due to the coherent and concrete actions of movers, you can confidently say that all moving chores are completely simple.

Attentive attitude to all your decor items, as well as solid professional skills, make the professional movers in demand. To move furniture in Boca Raton, only a specialized cargo truck is used. Your personal moving manager will pick up a car of the carrying capacity that is needed specifically for your case.

Make an order

We arrive and plan the packaging

Commercial goods moving

Packing and transportation

Commercial goods unpacking

Office goods are unpacked and installed

We guarantee that during the transportation of your furniture nothing is threatened. Red Box Moving, Boca Raton, will be happy to assist you in moving your furniture. Our services also include disassembling and assembling large-sized furniture items, their careful packaging, etc.

Hiring furniture moving companies for office or home move will save your own time in disassembling furniture. In this case, you don’t need to purchase tools, because the apartment movers provide all the necessary funds.

FAQs about commercial moving services

What packaging material do you use?

Depends on the type of furniture we move, we use boxed, cardboard carton, air bubble sheets, waterproof sheets or corrugated cartoons to provide the best safety to material from which they were made.

How much goods fits in your truck?

It depends on the size, type, and the number of goods we move. Usually, track accommodate from 1 to 4 beds, from 2 to 6 office tables or 3-4 cupboards. Please calculate the approximate number of furniture and goods that you plan to transport and the operator will announce to you how many trips are needed and how long it will take.

Reliable movers in Florida

commercial goods moving in Florida

Residential and household moving services quote and booking

How long will it take to transport 3 rooms office?

Our movers work without interruptions and their work is synchronized. If during the work there are no malfunctions and the plan is correct, then the work will take only a few hours.

How much does commercial moving cost?

It depends on the number of furniture and office goods you plan for moving. We provide the best pricing policy to satisfy our clients and leave a smile on their face. Please fill the contact form placed below and we will provide you approximate price of moving.

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