Packing and Moving Supplies Guide before You Start

If you’re out scouring for old packing boxes for moving in the hours leading up to your vacate date, then you’ve taken the first step towards a potentially undesirable experience and outcome. Moving is a stressful enough ordeal. Being disorganized only adds pointless hassle that disrupts your moving operation. Stocking up in advance on the right packing materials is the best step for a better move.

Essential Packing Supplies

moving boxes and suppliesHaving the right moving boxes and supplies well before moving means you’ve given yourself time to clear out old goods and pack essentials in a methodical sturdy way to save you pain when unpacking on the other end.

We put together a comprehensive list of provisions that you will find extremely useful during the difficult time of packing and moving home.

Basic Tool Kit

Having a dedicated box of handy tools will save your sanity when you least expect it. Include items like a box cutter, tape, adhesive bandages (you never know), strong rope, lifting straps, labels and permanent marker pens.

Moving Boxes

packing your home to moveStart with asking local stores and friends for spare boxes and reinforce any boxes with tape that are less sturdy. The thicker the cardboard box, the more you can pack inside. The last resort is purchasing or renting boxes from a supplier if you can’t pick up any freebies.

Paper and Bubble Wrap

Whether it’s packing paper, newspaper or bubble wrap, get hold of as much as you can. Wrapping breakable items like glasses and plates is critical to avoid breakages. It also helps to stuff gaps with paper between the packed items.

Trash and Recycling Bags

moving home packing kitsPurchase a good few bags that will come in very handy for packing soft items like linen and clothing, and you can reuse them after unpacking.

But you’ll need extra bags for throwing out the rubbish that you’ll encounter when packing up a house.

Perfect Packing

Packing your home to move can be daunting, frustrating, tedious, and physically tiring. And, you’ll have to do it all over again when you arrive in the new house. Packing logically and practically will help expedite each process and make your move go smoothly without losing your stuff along the way.

Tips n’ Tricks

Try start your packing as early as possible and remember these useful pointers to keep your belongings safely stored in boxes:

  1. Use the correct size boxes and don’t overpack the loads.
  2. Place the heavier items at the bottom with the lighter stuff on top.
  3. Fill all gaps with linen, clothing or newspaper to prevent breakables shifting.
  4. Keep items from the same room in boxes labelled the same.
  5. Close and tape the boxes properly.

If you have any unusually large or very expensive items that you are unsure of how to pack, speak to a professional moving company for the best advice.

It’s A Wrap

tips for packing and moving to a new homeOther ideas for affording all these materials is to rent supplies or buy moving home packing kits that comprise various sized-boxes and utility items like paper, plastic, tape, pens, labels and files.

Alternatively, you can eliminate every ounce of worry by using a home removal company who can pack/unpack and transport everything from one house to another. There may be an added cost but a lot less stress.