Only Moving Checklist You Ever Need

If you’re looking at using local moving companies or planning a self-move, review our checklist that covers all aspects of moving home. It may seem like weeks or months away, but time sneaks up quickly and before you know it, the day to vacate arrives. Leaving planning until the last minute will only cause unnecessary pressure and stress that can be easily avoided.

Planning To Move

How to prepare for house movingOur checklist for moving into a new home will help you prepare for the most routine moving tasks. It may highlight the not so obvious, which inevitably will decrease the chance of things going awry during a time of emotional upheaval.

The moment you know you need to move, get planning straight away. The most effective way to start is with a dedicated list detailing what’s required to make the move go smoothly.

Leaving When and Going Where

First and foremost is determining the move out date that will define your planning schedule and timing. Equally important is establishing where you are moving to. Once these key factors are addressed, you can set up your moving plan for the available timeframe.

Setting A Budget

Plan budgets before house moving, checklist tipThe next priority is deciding if you can afford a home moving service or need to prepare yourself and your friends for a self-move. Either way, creating a budget is imperative to keep all the moving tasks under control and prevent expensive surprises.

The budget should list the bills to be settled for the current residence and cost for cleaning (both old and new places) and hiring a removal company or a self-hire van. Furthermore, include the real estate expenses for moving into the new property with a deduction of any deposits or refunds due to you.

The To-Do List

residential moving chechlist, to do listDetailing every job can be daunting but simply break it down and address each item one-by-one. The following list summarizes common tasks you can adapt for your own moving mission:

  • Get quotes and book a moving company or reserve a self-hire van and solicit friends to help.
  • Book the cleaning services or make sure you have time to thoroughly clean before handing the property to new residents.
  • Update your change in address for correspondence, bills, schools, work, banks, the insurance companies, and notify the council when to disconnect utility services.
  • Identify household items and clothing to be packed for the move. This is always a good time to spring clean and get rid of old, unused goods.
  • Measure the new dwelling to ensure your furniture fits properly such as fridges, large sofas, and beds.
  • If you have pets, make the necessary transit arrangements for their move.
  • Source quality boxes and supplies to start packing.

Moving Day Approaches

house moving checklistThe time has arrived for your home move and there are last minute but important tasks to finalize. Confirm your plans with the movers or self-move operation and defrost fridges/freezers and disassemble furniture before its time to transfer the items. And, keep all parts together and clearly marked for reassembly.

With all household goods and clothing packed up in sturdy, labeled boxes, take note of what shouldn’t be stored in the moving van. Important documents such as original records, ID cards, passports, and personal and financial accounts should rather travel with you for safekeeping.

New Residence

Before you move in, notify the utility companies to connect the services. Once you arrive at your new address, the work continues with cleaning, unpacking, settling expenses, and exploring your local community. Finding new schools, doctors, dentists, and making new friends all take time as you settle into your new happy home.

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