How to move a piano without professional movers

How to Store and Move a Piano

This article advises how to move your own piano instead of paying a piano moving company. While professional movers are skilled at transporting pianos, it’s possible for you to do this yourself if you want to save money.

Preparing Your Piano Move

Firstly, don’t underestimate the challenges involved when it comes to moving your own piano. Knowing how to move a piano in a pickup truck is critical to avoid any damage. It can be a tricky task especially where the current and new location has stairs or cumbersome space in which to move. This is why piano moving companies exist – to take the hassle out of doing it yourself.

However, in saying that, you’re reading this because you’ve decided or deciding whether to move your own piano. So, let’s get started with understanding the risks and efforts involved and how to prepare for the move.


It is a lot to move a piano in pieces than to move the entire item. First assess what components can be removed and be absolutely sure about how to apart a piano for moving. But if there’s any doubt about reassembling it correctly, you’ll need to enlist the help of an expert to rebuild the piano structure. If disassembling it is not an option, then prepare to transport it in its original condition.

Local and Long-distance Piano Transport

Piano moving and storage can be a delicate process regardless of the distance to keep your valuable instrument intact. But if it’s a long-haul move, extra care, and attention are needed on how the piano will be positioned and protected for a longer time while potentially enduring more bumps and knocks along the way.


You will need to evaluate the area from where the piano is being moved, what it will be moved in and how to get it to its destination. It’s not a one-man job so ensure you can get help from some friends to pull the move off successfully. You will need a wheeled-trolley and protective covering for its transit.

Do’s and Don’ts

When moving a piano in a truck, take note of these guidelines on what to do and what not to do to avoid potential damage and reduce any challenges you may encounter.

  • Do lock the keyboard lid.
  • Do remove any loose items on the piano.
  • Do remove any obstacles in the moving path.
  • Do take measurements to ensure the piano will fit through doorways and in the truck.
  • Do have the piano retuned after moving.
  • Don’t use the piano wheels to roll it – Do use a trolley instead.
  • Don’t use plastic to cover the piano for storage or moving.

Now, let’s find out how to put the piano in a truck – Simple trick

Assessing Move Readiness

If you need to store the piano before moving, ensure it is wrapped properly with padding and protective covering to safeguard the wood and ivory. It should be stored where there is no direct sunlight and no exposure to any moisture or damp.

Once you’ve assessed your ability and resources to do the move, take special care every step of the way to keep your treasured piano is safe. However, if you feel it’s a daunting task that’s too risky, then it’s advisable to investigate piano moving company costs and get quotes from your local piano movers in Boca Raton.

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