7 Places to Get Free Moving Boxes

Follow our tips and tricks below to start your search on where to get free moving boxes. This is normally one of the first things we contemplate when we know a house move is on the horizon.

The experts say that moving homes is one of the top 5 most stressful experiences, but careful planning and preparation can help reduce stress levels.

Planning Your House Move

where to get free moving boxesIt’s a great idea for you to have a checklist that clarifies and prioritizes tasks, starting with the biggest challenge: where can I get moving boxes? It can be a frantic period sorting what gets packed and discarded but this process clears out the rubbish and determines how many boxes you’re going to need.

Types of Moving Boxes

Once you know what’s going with, you can ascertain the number and dimensions of required moving boxes. They come is many different sizes starting from the smaller ones at 230x150x150mm or opting for larger ones at 510x360x370mm or 800x420x363mm.

Remember though that bigger boxes are not as easy to carry and transport when fully loaded.

The Search For Boxes

If you try the recommendations below but don’t come up with good results, you can try the option to rent moving boxes, offered by most removal and storage companies, or find out who sells moving boxes in Boca Raton.

where to get free moving boxesBut, moving expenses can add up quickly so if you can find ways to cut out costs, then try avoid spending money on cardboard boxes.

They should be easy enough to find with a little bit of effort.

Here are 7 suggestions that are very effective in sourcing free boxes and remember to always ask permission to remove boxes from other properties.


Where to find free moving boxes

  1. Ask friends, family, neighbors, and look around your workplace.
  2. Enquire via online communities e.g. Facebook groups, Freecycle. These websites have countless free ads and enquiries for moving and storage boxes. Try your online search the beginning of the week after everyone has finished their weekend move.where can i get moving boxes
  3. You can pick up a few sturdy boxes from liquor shops and bookstores, which are intended for heavy and durable use. If you can find out delivery days, then time your visit a day later to collect the unpacked boxes.
  4. The delivery depot at large retailers and malls are usually stacked with cardboard boxes on a daily basis. It is also a popular choice for people, like you, looking for free boxes so get there early.
  5. Bars, restaurants and drive-through outlets will also have a couple of boxes lying around from supply shipments.
  6. Schools get a lot of deliveries so it’s worth calling ahead to ask if you can pick up the spare boxes.
  7. Check out recycling drop-off points over weekends where people dump unused boxes.

Think Outside The Box

where to buy cheap moving boxesFinding out where to buy cheap moving boxes should be the last resort as it helps the environment to recycle and you should have success with some of these suggestions. Knowing where to find moving boxes is a helpful start to the dauting and tiring process of moving to a new house.

Free Is Not Always Good

When you have permission to collect free boxes, note their condition before taking them. Try find clean and stable boxes as this will matter once you’ve loaded them and they fall apart during the move.

After Your Move

Now that you’ve experienced the mission of looking where to get free moving boxes, you can offer your boxes online or at a recycling center.

If you do not want to bother with finding boxes for transporting personal items, just use the button below and book the services of our professional movers in Boca Raton. 🙂

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